Letters of Recommendation

Lady Principal & HONY, Secretary<br>Le Martiniere Girls College<br>LucknowSister Tessy SND, Principal<br>Notre Dame Academy<br>BiharPrincipal<br>Oxford Public School<br>MumbaiMs.Beena Rao, Principal<br>The Millennium School<br>BathindaMrs.Archana Saraswat, Vice Principal<br>Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya<br>GwaliorPrincipal <br>Kennedy High, the global school<br>HyderabadSr. Savidha John, Principal<br>Holy Family School<br>BiharPrincipal<br> N.H.Goel World Shool<br>RaipurSharmila Chatterjee, Principal<br>DPSGV<br>GhaziabadSuvina Shunglu, Principal<br>Sri Sri Academy<br>KolkataManoj Sethi, Financial Advisor/Director(NSES)<br>New Delhi Municipal Council<br>New Delhi

Hear from our fans

  • Awesome experience !!! I learnt many things at this workshop and it really helped me. I am now more responsible and helped building relations with friends, teachers and parents.

    Pineal Katara, XII, Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • "I feel like I have found myself"

    Akash Mehta, Student, KN Shah Modasa High School, Gujarat, India
  • Due to YES programme, I was able to concentrate more on whatever I do. Normally I used to feel bored in this type of programs and in classes. But after attending this course, I never felt boredom. I was able to be independent by myself. I was able to reduce my anger and helped teachers and parents instead of torturing them.

    B. Gagan, X A, Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, Kodaikanal, India
  • I learnt about my own ways. I changed myself. I used to be angry, but after the course, I am not. This is the best course I ever did!

    Vineeth Dash, VI, Kennedy High The Global School, Hyderabad, India
  • I made many friends. I was able to mingle with senior students. It helped me to improve my behavior. After doing kriya, I felt fresh. My shyness went away. It is really a good experience.

    Riya Mary Shaji,Ist PUC, Wayanad, Kerala, India
  • It has changed me a lot from the completely shy and introvert person to a comparatively talkative and outspoken person. I believe every teenager should do this course

    Yashodhara, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Junior College, India
  • I felt relaxed after the sudarshan kriya and all my tensions are flown away. I felt happy from inside. Its like a magic. I like this and thank you.

    Muskan, Xth B, J.N.V Pandoh, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Doing this course has made me more relaxed and taught me what to do in stressful situations. It has taught me how to concentrate. I have learnt how to make myself more aware.

    Nivedita Kumar, Chennai, India
  • I came to know about myself and my negative points, hoping to overcome these negative points. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you for bringing a improvement in my life.

    Sneha Gupta, Kench\'s Trace, Shillong, India
  • It was a wonderful course. I learnt how to make new friends. Each and every point that my teacher taught us, we experienced it at some point. It was a magical journey, and I made the most of it.

    R. Ajitesh, Chennai, India
  • It was enlightening. It helped me to get rid of exam and stage fear. I learned about good health tips and a very useful method to remove all the toxins from the body. I also learned to concentrate and live in the present moment.

    Rishikesh Damodar, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Junior College, India
  • Art of Living has really opened my eyes to a new life. It briefed me on who I really am and how I can make my life a thousand times better. I look forward to attending more and more programs.

    Tarunya Vishwanath, Chennai, India
  • I never knew that I didn't know anything about myself before. I found peace and confidence in my inner soul. I used to be confronted by many without my knowledge. Coming here changed me a lot.

    Shivani R, IX, Kennedy High The Global School, Hyderabad, India
  • I had a great experience. I could concentrate more on studies. I have learnt a lot and with every day, I felt myself relaxing. I didn’t worry about anything. I have a good sleep every day. The breathing exercises probably made me less nervous. I really enjoyed being in this programme, it has really changed me in many ways mentally. Thank you for teaching us the lessons that will make us less nervous and more enthusiastic.

    Majidah Muhiyudheen, XII, Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, Kodaikanal, India
  • In this course, I have learned to control my bad habits and rude talking. I am feeling happy after attending the YES Course.

    Kushal Bharadwaj, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Junior College, India
  • A great learning took place. I felt that I was always fresh, enthusiastic, calm. Nowadays I don’t lose hope. I try to achieve any task without giving up. Thank you Art of Living.

    Jagadesh Kumar, Chennai, India
  • We had lots of fun. I learnt many things like the golden keys of life. I feel fresh after doing Bhastrika. I feel this was something new and good for health.

    Reetu Ravani, VII, Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • It has changed my way of thinking, my perceptions, my assumptions and reduced my expectations, dissolved my fear and my ego. I am grateful for what I am now.

    Nikita Shah, Bhaveshwar Vihar, Mumbai, India
  • I had such a awesome experience that I cannot express it in my words. I thank my parents very much it is only because of their compulsion I attended this programme and now I am very happy joining YES! I promise I will again join the course in the next session. Before I thought it was all yoga and meditation but now I know it is all fun and ideas to improve our ability on our knowledge and concentration. Now parents say that they can see some slight changes on me and I thank Art of Living programme to help us improve our abilities many ways.

    Jisna George, Vagdevi Vilas School, Bangalore, India
  • The past four days in the YES course were awesome. I had the time of my life. Not only were we learning but we had sooo much fun and a lot of games too. To tell the truth, I never knew that I was learning. It all just came in a flow. This is the first course in which we were not just being given advice, but we were being treated like one of you and we were free to ask our questions and clear our doubts. I’d love to attend more of your classes.

    P. Swathi, XII, Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, Kodaikanal, India