Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidyalaya, Shri Ramkrishna High School, Sakarbai Khimji Ramdas Memorial School Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat


In month of August-2014 an introductory programme for the students of our three schools was organized. Over 3000 students participated in the YES! For Schools program. Beyond lowering stress and achieving greater focus, is that it awakens you to your deepest essence and higher human capacities. The students practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly in school and the difference is palpable. It helps them cope with stress and enables them to focus on their studies. I feel honored to support the work of YES! For Schools in our school community!

– Bharat R. Ved, Secretary, Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidyalaya, Shri Ramkrishna High School and Sakarbai Khimji Ramdas Memorial School


I can honestly say that this course was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt so much better about myself. I felt like I could get through any test, problem or obstacle and my self-esteem was definitely uplifted.

– Rachita Patel, Student, Khimji Ramdas Kanya Vidyalaya


Overall, the YES! course has given me something that I can use for the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend the class to everyone, specially my peers.

– Parth Aiya, Student, Shri Ramkrishna High School


Everyday there seems to be something contributing to our level of stress and it seems impossible to relieve. The Art of Living has helped me a lot to relax and feel at ease with myself. People who take up the Art of Living will always lead in games, in school and in life.

– Hiren Vora, Student, Sakarbai Khimji Ramdas Memorial School



In a world of constant interruptions, I have found that my morning 20-minute breathing practice, learned in the Art of Living Course, to be a treasured moment of peace, providing focus and reducing stress throughout the rest of my day.

– Himanshu Jesrani, Teacher, Sakarbai Khimji Ramdas Memorial School


As the Trustee of Khimji Ramdas School at Mandvi, I am really grateful and proud to introduce this program in our school. I felt my children are happier, their concentration level has increased. After “sudarshan kriya” they felt calm, relaxed and more natural. The children now feel more belongingness with the teaching faculty.

– Anil Khimji, Trustee


I decided to have the YES! program in our schools to give the students a value based education which is the need of the hour. A sense of connectedness with spirituality is essential for a holistic education. I was 100% sure that the Art of Living was the only solution for my children. I have seen the results in my 2 other schools. It has helped children to be more focused, dynamic and enthusiastic in their lives.

– Ajay Khimji, Trustee

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