The Art of Living has reached out to 152 countries and touched the lives of 370 million people in 32A�years. Through its various programs and activities covering various age groups and needs, the Art ofA�Living is dedicated to address the social, emotional and behavioral issues in the society.

Enhancing the school environment

The Art of Living programs for children and youth offered by have been implemented in more thanA�500 schools in India. The programs help create a school environment that boosts academic ability,A�enhances creativity, inculcates team spirit and nurtures leadership qualities. It equips participantsA�with tools to overcome stress on a daily basis and create better awareness and belongingness.

The programs offered by the Art of Living help schools to deal effectively with day-to-dayA�challenges. The programs consist of yoga, meditation, group processes, interactive and simpleA�knowledge sessions that channelize the vibrant energy of the participants, helping them excel inA�every sphere.

The program outcomes

The programs address the specific requirements of schools, covering students, teachers and parentsA�as per the need. The programs for students shape children into well-rounded personalities andA�ensure that the onus of their future is not just shouldered by the school and their parents but also byA�the children themselves. The program not only develops and improves life skills, thinking skills andA�social skills but also addresses mental health and adolescent issues.

The programs for teachers alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress, so that they can face theA�challenges of their professional and personal lives with greater skill and ease. The programs forA�parents give key insights into the behavior of children so that they are better able to communicateA�with them.

For CBSE Schools

For CBSE schools, the Art of Living (through Vyakti Vikas Kendra India is offering CapacityA�Building Programs under 3 categories a�� Capacity Building Programs for Students of High SchoolA�and Middle School (Life Skills, Mental Health and Adolescent Issues) and Training Program forA�Teachers (Stress Management).